Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Cycling Time Trials London West District Council will take place on Sunday 10th October 2010 in the Knowl Hill Village Hall, Bath Road, commencing at 14.00 hours. A detailed agenda will be sent out to all clubs in late September with the Annual Report and Accounts

This AGM will be followed immediately by the meeting to fix the dates of open and association events for the 2011 season.

Please submit propositions for the AGM agenda to the District Secretary by 1 September 2010. Propositions for the CTT National Council AGM in December are welcome and those approved at the District Council AGM will be submitted to the CTT National Secretary for inclusion in the National Council AGM agenda.

Please nominate in writing TWO of your club members to represent your club at this meeting. You may nominate duplicate delegates if your club has members or officials of this District Committee but in that case your club’s District Committee members would not be able to vote at this meeting. Please make every effort to be fully represented at the meeting. As usual the new District Committee and National Council AGM delegates will be elected at the AGM from among those attending. But the District Committee may co-opt delegates or others between AGMs between AGMs. To ensure the continuation of the District Committee it is vital that candidates are available to fill all posts.

DATE-FIXING MEETING. NEW TYPE A EVENTS ONLY. Please submit all applications to promote new Type A open or association events to Donald Ashton, the new Assistant Secretary for open and club events, on the enclosed form, also by 1 September. If you wish to promote more than one event please make copies of this form and submit a separate form for each event. (To Donald only please note)

REPEAT OF EXISTING TYPE A EVENTS IN 2011 Donald Ashton  will send clubs who promoted events  in 2010  a draft list  adjusted for dates  for next season.  All you need do then is to send him any amendments you wish to make to this draft list  also  by 1 September.  He will then send all clubs a complete draft list with all amendments and new events included.  Those intending to promote  any events are asked to check their own entries for accuracy and to tell Donald as soon as possible.  They should also check for any date clashes and contact the promoters to attempt to resolve them, contacting Donald as soon as possible with any amendments.  Donald will then issue a final list before 10 October’s Date-fixing Meeting.  Any problems must be resolved at that meeting and all club delegates must  be given full powers of decision.  Referring back  to clubs will not be permitted. We have to meet a very tight deadline set by the National Competitions Secretary for the 2011 CTT Handbook. Please note that for events wholly or partly  outside London West Districts  applications must be made to the relevant Districts. We submit all police notifications in bulk each January but clubs promoting elsewhere must check with those Districts.


C T Hart, (For AGM resolutions only)

London West District Secretary,13 Whitehills Green, Goring, Reading, Berks. RG8 0EB. E-mail Telephone 01491 873857.

Donald Ashton Assistant Secretary (Events), 6 Minley Close, Farnborough, HampshireGU14 9RT. Telephone 01252 650783