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District Regulations applicable to all events

Restriction of Parking at the Start and Finish
LWDC 4 No vehicles, except those of the timekeepers’, shall be parked at the start or finish.

Reporting of breaches of Local Regulations
LWDC 5 All breaches of Local Regulations shall be reported in writing to the London West District Secretary.

Use of Turbo Trainers
LWDC 7 Noisy Turbo Trainers are not to be used at morning events within 100 yards of residential accommodation.

Tri Bars on Coxbridge roundabout.
For safety reasons, riders' hands must be on the widest part of the handlebar while rounding the Coxbridge roundabout at the Farnham end of the A31. Those seen not doing so shall be reported to the Event Secretary and disqualified
Course Epithets
All Open Event courses (type A events) are prefixed 'H' to denote the District. This is followed by the distance of the course. The number following the slash indicates the area within the District in which the course is situated.

All Club Event courses (type B events)
are prefixed 'HCC', denoting the District and the fact that it is a Club Course. The number following the slash refers to the code allocated to the course and the distances are not arranged in any particular order.
The prefix for Hill Climb courses do not indicate their use for either type of event